Month: November 2016

6 Days Through The Australian Outback

Since my tour through The Kimberley was such a success I was depending on Adventure Tours to duplicate the experience for The Outback. After a bit of research I went with a 6 day tour from Alice Springs to Adelaide. The first three days would be spent touring the iconic sights of the outback. The last three days would be making the long drive down the South end of Stuart Highway. If the awesome itinerary didn’t fully persuade me, the fact that the tour was on sale sealed the deal.

Australian Outback

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11 Things to do in West MacDonnell National Park

Plans will change no matter how perfectly detailed a travel itinerary is. I hoped to spend several days in Kakadu National Park, but due to the weather I had to scratch that plan. Instead I cut my time short in Darwin, and after getting a last minute flight to Alice Springs, found myself in the red center. The guide from my Kimberley Tour continuously praised West MacDonnell National Park. After discussing our shared love for hiking she told me I had to spend more than just one day there. She gave me a list of things to do and I promised to spend at least 3 days in the area. I’m very glad I took her advice because it’s been one of the most memorable parts of my Australia trip.

West Mac NP

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12 Things After 2 Months in Australia

Can you believe I’ve been in Australia for 2 months? I can’t, but I’ve sure gotten used to the travelling lifestyle. I’m constantly discovering things and meeting new people. There’s always another adventure around the corner, and I never know what to expect. Sometimes I may sleep in a tent or a cozy hostel. I could get drinks with friends or eat by myself in a crowded restaurant. Maybe I rent a car and explore alone or go on tour and meet tons of new people. Every day is different, and I love it.

A month ago I made the post 12 Things After 1 Month in Australia, and it’s already time for the second installment. I could title this “50 things after 1 month in Australia,” but I’ve managed to narrow it down to the 12 things that stand out to me the most. So here’ goes.

12 Things

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A Weekend in Litchfield National Park

There are two trips from Darwin that both locals and tourists recommend. Kakadu and Litchfield National Park are known for beautiful scenery and fantastic waterfalls. Kakadu is a much bigger park known for it’s aboriginal artwork, while Litchfield is smaller and more low-key. My plan was to do both – 2 days in Litchfield and 4 days in Kakadu. Due to unseasonable rain I had to scratch Kakadu off my list as most of the roads were closed due to flooding.

I directed my  full attention to Litchfield National Park. The guidebooks recommend just one full day for Litchfield, but I was intent to make it at least two. I had a week to kill before my flight to Alice Springs and was getting antsi to move on. So after getting some advice from MeanderWithMeg‘s Blog, I rented a car and drove the hour and half to Litchfield National Park.


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