Hello friends, my name is Tiffany!


A bartender by weekend and hiker by week, I’m always looking for new places to stretch my legs and explore. I began hiking in 2011 and have been hooked ever since. Starting with small 2-mile hikes, I have progressed over the years to multi-day treks. The reason I enjoy hiking so much is simply because it calms me. Who we are is always changing, and seeing the trail ahead helps me figure out who I have recently become.

Now I’ll admit hiking is not all frolicking through flower fields. I don’t fart rainbows and unicorns, I can compete with any lumberjack for B.O., and I have some wonderful bowel stories that are sure to make you feel uncomfortable.  However I’ve had awesome adventures, and hiking has most certainly changed my lifestyle for the better. With my stories I hope to encourage you to begin (or continue) your very own hiking adventures.

Although hiking is the main theme of my site you will find a variety of other posts as well. Whatever the topic, the majority of my posts are set in the beautiful outdoors.

A Little About Me

I grew up in Northern California, in the Bay Area. My base is now in San Diego.

The one thing I absolutely will not eat is bell peppers. No, not the yellow or orange ones either.

I’m obsessed with purple, puppies, and butterflies.

My favorite thing to photograph are flowers.

I get extremely seasick but it hasn’t stopped me yet!

I want to see every National Park in the United States (33 and counting).

I’ve been to 14 countries. Australia, Bolivia, Canada, Ecuador, France, Germany, Iceland, Maldives, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Where Am I ?

I am currently in the United States. My next destination is???  Cuba? Mexico? Germany?