Month: October 2016

The Original Jumping Croc Tour

When I was in Northern Australia everybody talked about the saltwater crocodiles. There was an abundance of warning signs and stories of people losing their lives due to crocs.  I couldn’t swim in the ocean, I couldn’t go near river banks, and I couldn’t randomly stroll near any body of water. Saltwater crocodiles seemed to be everywhere. It’s impossible not to see an advertisements for a saltwater crocodile tour in Darwin. There is even a saltwater crocodile exhibit in the smack dab middle of downtown.

Jumping Croc

After all this anticipation, I had been in crocodile territory for nearly a month and still had not seen one. I decided it was time to remedy the situation and go on a crocodile tour. After sorting through fliers, looking at reviews, and asking for recommendations, I opted for the infamous Jumping Crocodile Tour. It’s an hour’s drive out of Darwin and I managed to get the last spot on an 11am tour.

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My Tour Through The Kimberley Part II

This is the continuation of My Tour Through The Kimberley. I left off at day 4 in the Bungle Bungles. If you haven’t read Part I yet, you can find it here!

Day 5

We got up with sunrise as usual and began the bumpy ride out of Purnululu National Park. The drive was full of excitement as we saw lots of different wildlife including emus, a big wallaroo, and a Wedge-Tailed Eagle, which is the largest bird of prey in Australia. It was wonderful seeing these beautiful creatures in the wild. After driving for the entire morning we turned onto the famous Gibb River Road. The Gibb River Road is an unpaved, red dirt road that goes through some of the most beautiful parts of The Kimberley.

Kimberley Tour Part 2

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Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

I had a few hours to kill before my flight to Darwin. That was plenty of time for me to head to Kuranda and see the (drumroll)… butterfly sanctuary! I’m obsessed with butterflies so the excitement mounted as I headed back into the rain forest. Kuranda’s main attraction is a gondala that goes from Cairns to the little rainforest town, but I didn’t think it was worth the $50. The other main attractions are a series of sanctuaries; birds, koalas, and butterflies. Learning that this butterfly sanctuary is the largest in Australia, I knew I had to go.

Butterfly Sanctuary

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My 1st Travel Story

I have a travel story for you. One of those stories that isn’t funny while it’s happening but gives you a good giggle after. So I would happily like to present….

My 1st travel story that is sure to make you pack your bags.

I was recently in Litchfield National Park, an hour drive from Darwin, Australia. I forgot it was a weekend and unfortunately there were people everywhere. I spent the day checking out some beautiful waterfalls like Buley Rockhole and Wangi Falls. While these spots were refreshing they were not relaxing. There were too many people. By the time I drove to The Cascades and saw the jam-packed parking lot I decided to call it a day. I didn’t want to sit in another waterfall with a hundred other people. I was going to save The Cascades for early the next morning.

1st Story

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12 Things After 1 Month in Australia

Unbelievably I’ve been in Australia for 1 month, but it feels like I just left California yesterday. Time is flying by! I’ve done so much and already made many great friends. I’m starting to get used to life on the road, but a month isn’t long enough to get used to everything. Minor differences between California and Australia still pop up and surprise me.

I say “California” because the US is huge and I’m not going to group all of it into my judgments. The same goes for Australia. The country is as big as the US and I’ve only been to a few parts of it. So I thought it would be fun to go over the differences I’ve noticed so far, and perhaps update my list as the months go by.

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