I splurged and got a new camera! My goal was to find one which was small enough to fit in the front pocket of my backpack so when I hike I have quick access. I also wanted something with a good zoom. After a short time in the local camera store I walked out with a Sony Cyber-shot  DSC-HX90V. I don’t know much about cameras, but I love taking pictures. I’ve been using this camera for 2 months now and so far it’s great.

The day after I got my camera I was itching to see what it could do. This was the perfect opportunity to head to the San Diego Rose Garden, as KB had been telling me to do for weeks. He was absolutely right, because my goodness did I enjoy myself! I’ll let the roses speak for themselves.


It was typical gorgeous San Diego day. 70 degrees, wonderfully sunny, and with a slight breeze. First I was greeted by yellow roses. The bees were buzzing, calmly ignoring me and going about their business. They certainly got into plenty of my photos.



The roses looked beautiful against the big blue sky. I felt like I should skip down the path and frolic through them. Good thing I didn’t have my GoPro or I just might have.


After moving away from the yellows I went towards the pinks. I couldn’t believe how many different roses there were. Certainly not the couple options you find in the grocery store.



I know you’re thinking it, and the answer is yes – the roses smelled AMAZING. I’m sure I looked silly smelling every other one, but I couldn’t resist.



The actual name of the garden is Inez Grant Parker Memorial Rose Garden. According to their website, the garden has about “1,600 roses of more than 130 varieties.” That’s amazing!

DSC00072This white and pink speckled rose was one of my favorites. It looked like someone spent months carefully painting it.



It was difficult to get a good shot of the bold red roses. They were such an incredible red, most of the pictures would blend everything together. However, I got close enough to where I  could finally make out the individual red roses. They look like velvet.


SD Rose Garden

And because purple is my absolute favorite color, I’m going to put 2 purple roses here. We also have another cameo of Mr. Bee.


The San Diego Rose garden is opposite the street of the San Diego Zoo parking lot. There is a cactus garden too, which is also lovely. Check out information on the San Diego Rose Garden yourself. I would absolutely recommend it!!