Month: May 2017

Pretending to Be a Local in New Zealand’s Nelson Area

During my trip through New Zealand I spent two weeks with a friend in Nelson. After hosteling for the past 6 months I wasn’t sure if the two weeks would be a disaster or loads of fun. Thankfully it was the latter. My time as a local was action packed with hikes, excellent food, and great people. I would consider Nelson to be the California of New Zealand. Known for its perfect weather, consistent calendar of events, and tasty food, being in Nelson was a little like being home.


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Is New Zealand’s West Coast Worth the Drive?

South Island’s West Coast is an area many travelers skip. This is understandable because of its remoteness and lack of regular services. However the West Coast offers several stops that make the venture into this part of New Zealand worthwhile. With some planning and a little luck with the weather it can be one of the most memorable parts of your trip.

NZ West Coast

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